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Episode 136

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D and L Coffee Service Inc. presents the #1 listed “Food Radio show Philadelphia” and #1 listed “Food Radio show South Jersey”, Small Bites on Wildfire Radio returns this Sunday, November 8th at 635pm with a great lineup and special co-host John Direnzo sitting in for Derek! #SmallBitesRadio was named #14 out of the Top 30 Best Hospitality Shows on the planet for 2020. We are thrilled about the news. We are happy to speak with BetterRhodes Founder Chris Becker. Zero Booze, Maximum Flavor: Better Rhodes the premier ecommerce destination for alcohol-free beverages is Your One-Stop Destination for the Best-Tasting, Alcohol-Free Brands. Featuring more than 50 varieties of beer, wine and spirits, Better Rhodes is dedicated to streamlining the search for alcohol-free elixirs and showcasing all the exciting flavors this emerging industry has to offer. Its site features expertly curated collections of alcohol free beers and spirits making it easy and convenient for consumers to sample exciting new varieties. Beyond its e-commerce platform, Better Rhodes is equally dedicated to educating consumers about the nascent – but growing -- alcohol-free scene and demystifying the many ways people can imbibe through its “dry” recipe catalog and engaging mixology demos. Perhaps most importantly, Better Rhodes is striving to shift the narrative around “alcohol-free” from what people are giving up to what they are gaining. Not only can alcohol-free beverages be a healthier alternative to calorie-laden beers and hangover-inducing cocktails, but they can also encourage people to become better hosts by providing more palatable options for guests who don’t drink. Then we’ll chat with Liz Crain Liz the author of new #cookbook ‘Dumplings Equal Love: Delicious Recipes from Around the World’ from Sasquatch Books. The original comfort food in every culture, the humble dumpling takes center stage in this full-color cookbook. Author Liz Crain offers up beloved staples like Chinese soup dumplings, Japanese gyoza, and Eastern European pierogi with easy, step-by-step instructions for dumpling skins and fillings. There are also many regional twists on dumplings, with innovative fillings, dumpling doughs, and dipping sauces. Taste the love with Cincinnati Chili; Shrimp & Grits; Nettle & Caramelized Onions; and Bananas Foster Dumplings. Liz Crain is a longtime writer on Pacific Northwest food and drink, her writing has appeared in Lucky Peach, The Believer, Food & Wine, The Sun Magazine, The Progressive Magazine and The Guardian. She is also a seasoned copywriter, co-organizer of the annual Portland Fermentation Festival and former editor and publicity director at Hawthorne Books. You can find her tasty creations on Instragram as well as on her website. Finally we welcome Aaron Anderson the franchise owner of four The Original Hot Dog Factory The Original Hot Dog Factory Philadelphia restaurants in the Philadelphia area. “Forty-one percent of black-owned businesses nationwide were forced to close during this horrific Covid-19 pandemic compared to seventeen percent of white-owned businesses. According to a recent study by experts, most of those impacted are black-owned bars and restaurants ̶ that’s about 440,000 companies ̶ but I will do all I can to make sure I can not only thrive during this time but will motivate others to do the same,” said Aaron Anderson. Anderson credits some of his success these past few months to catering to first responders and essential workers, and making sure all of his employees and take-out customers are in a safe environment to prevent the spread of Covid-19, with social distancing, face masks and the installation of self-service kiosks. Born and raised in the tough inner city of Philadelphia, PA, Anderson credits his mother, a single parent of five, with his unyielding strength, discipline, humility, passion and persistent need to be of service to those in need. Anderson’s foray into being a business owner ̶ the very first in his family ̶ started with the launch of his very own screen-printing company in 2009, Union Printing that established itself as a leader in the industry and is still hugely successful more than a decade later. Aaron Anderson’s keen interest in technology prompted him to become an investor in the pharmaceutical application QwikScript, and flight simulator application Flype. These strategic investments contribute to his growing financial portfolio and further strengthens his parent company Axxeum LLC, which was formed in 2018. In line with his desire to give back to the community, he became a member of Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and Pyramid Club. His future plans include having ownership in a professional sports organization and to become an elected official in his home state of Pennsylvania. An inspirational memoir about his life is also in the works to provide invaluable information and encouragement to others who desire to follow in his footsteps. You say you STILL NEED MORE!!! Don’t forget we still have our regular weekly segment Chef Barbie Marshall who is a Chef Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Season 10 finalist, appeared on Season 17 of FOX Hell’s Kitchen #AllStars, as well named Pennsylvania’s most influential chef by Cooking Light will delight us with her tip of the week. 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